Saturday, November 16, 2013

What do "Dress of the Month Club" member think of the club so far????

Julianna says......."I love my LillyBelle's Closet dresses. I bought my first one on a flash sale. I was happily surprised with the quality. It was a beautiful dress and I couldn't wait to add another one to my daughter's collection. The dresses are beautifully made. I love the dress designs. I honestly feel that each piece is made with love. They would have to be. I enjoy just holding them in my hands, I love even more to see my little princess wearing these works of art. I have been extremely happy with each dress I have received. Jill is a true artist and I am honored that she shares her dresses with us."

Cassandra says........"The Dress of the Month Club is AWESOME!!! The dresses are always super CUTE, outstanding QUALITY and affordable too!! Plus the club perks are AMAZING!!! I got a FREE dress!! You cant beat that!!!"

Katie says......."I am so glad I decided to become a member of the dress of the month club! I always plan to dress my daughter up a little more but find it difficult to shop. The dresses in most stores are all the same and becoming more and more expensive. LillyBelle's Closet makes beautiful and unique clothing shipped directly to your door once a month. The dresses are beautiful and handmade. The quality is terrific and for a price you can't beat. I have had a couple of issues on my end about some of the dresses. For example, my daughter wouldn't wear the peasant sleeve or on her birthday I needed a dress that would be comfortable for play.  Jill (the designer and seamstress of LillyBelle's) addressed my concerns with so much kindness and understanding.  Jill solved every issue I had and worked with me and my very stubborn two year old. It was such a pleasure to talk to her.  I would recommend the Dress of the Month Club at LillyBelle's Closet to anyone looking for beautiful quality dresses for their children or grandchildren. There is nowhere you can find such adorable, handmade, well made, dresses for such a great price, shipped right to your door, by such a friendly and helpful shop. Thank you so much LillyBelle's Closet! I plan to be a Dress of the Month Member as long as you will have me!!!"

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