Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wardrobe Giveaway....THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!

Can you believe we are less than 48 hours from the HUGER than HUGE “Wardrobe Giveaway”?!?!?  I am absolutely, positively giddy with excitement over this one!!!  I think this is going to be unlike any other giveaway you have ever seen before.  It is going to be fun and interactive and the prize is
Because this giveaway is so different, it requires quite a bit of explanation.  This blog post is going to fill you in on all the exciting details that I know you are so very anxious to hear!  Then, when the giveaway launches, Wednesday, May 1, 2013, I will post the actual giveaway entry blog which will give you the complete instructions on how to enter, all the rules and fine print as well as the Rafflecopter widget you will use
to enter for your chance(s) to WIN!

A few weeks ago.....April 11th to be exact (in case you would like to go back and read the post and comments).....I asked the fans on my FaceBook page "What would you do for a chance to win an ENTIRE WARDROBE from LillyBelle's Closet????"  The answers in the comments had hubby and I cracking up all evening long!! 

Some of our personal favorites....

"I would get up during dinner at a packed restaurant and sing a song (of your choosing) to all the diners. I would of course mention that the singing was to win a fabulous wardrobe for either of my two princesses from LillyBelle's Closet!" (Thank you, Colette)

" I would shave all my hair off (donate it), get the words LillyBelle' written in the shaving and get LillyBelle's tattooed across my lower back and wear provocative clothing (which is sooo not me) to show it off!" (Thank you, Mechele)

" I would put Ella in her favorite LillyBelle original and start on a city wide tour hitting every Walmart, Royals games, NASCAR races and mall while I wear a T-shirt that says "Ask me about my daughter's fabulous wardrobe" and dancing a jig in each place (and I don't dance well!)" (Thank you, Jennifer)

"I'll get Lillybelle's tatted on my side !"  (Thank you, Samantha)

" I'd sell my kidney on the black market, anyone in need of a kidney?! It's only slightly tainted by all the wine it takes in a day to keep me sane."  (Thank you, Laura)

" I would paint my entire house in chevron, inside and out!"  (Thank you, Erin)

Those are just a few of the wonderful comments and they range from hilarious to heart-warming and generous and everything in between.  I encourage you to go read
the rest on the page.  :)

By the way.....those that DID participate in the post (by COMMENTING) asking "What would you do for a chance to win an entire wardrobe from LillyBelle's Closet (prior to me placing the "marker" which was at 9:02 pm on 4/14).....will be receiving 10 bonus entries each into the drawing.  :)  They did not know this prior to commenting as this is the first I am announcing it.  (See?  It pays to be active on the LBC page!!  You just never know when I'm gonna get a wild hair!!)  ;)

I'm not going to ask any of you to do anything crazy like shave your heads, paint your houses or dance & sing in crowded restaurants.  (Of course, you are MORE than welcome to do anything of those things if your heart so desires.  PLEASE share a video!  LOL!!)

What I am going to ask you to do is tell your friends and family how much you LOVE LillyBelle's Closet (as well as the other generous shops participating) and send them to "like" our FB pages.  Simple enough??  :) 

 So, what is it I am hoping to gain by offering up such a GINORMOUS prize???  I want to (at least) double my current fan count within 1 month!!!  Lofty goal??  LOL!  This is why we (myself and the other shops) are willing to offer such a lofty GRAND PRIZE!  ;)  I know y'all can get us there!  I have all the faith in the world!  Just think.....if every current fan just sent ONE new friend.....DONE!  Easy peasy, right?  ;)  MUCH simpler than shaving your head, getting a tattoo or painting your whole house!!!

So.....are you ready to hear *HOW* you're gonna accomplish this??  Motivation!  LOL!  ;)

Do you remember reading those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books when you were a kid??  I LOVED those books!!  Well, this is kind of like that.  A “Choose Your Own Adventure Giveaway”!  How large the wardrobe given away is.....and what it consists of.....will be 100% up to YOU!!  That's right.  You, the fans, will decide how many items are in the wardrobe and what those items are!  Fun stuff, right??? 

I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the instructions and details on how this is going to work just yet.  Rest assured….it will all be explained in great detail the day of the launch.  You have one full month to accomplish my goal!
The giveaway will run until midnight May 31st.

Now, let’s hear about this COMPLETELY INCREDIBLE GRAND PRIZE!!!!!

ONE lucky little girl is going to win ALL of the following:

*A complete wardrobe from LillyBelle’s Closet!!!!  (How many and which outfits will be determined throughout the course of the giveaway period by popular vote.)  (There is only one *catch*…..  I (Jill of LillyBelle’s Closet) get to choose the fabrics.  The winner will be given the opportunity to tell me likes, dislikes and preferences and I will use that information to select the perfect fabrics for the outfits chosen and the lucky little girl receiving them.)

*A matching beaded chunky necklace to coordinate with EACH outfit in the wardrobe from the amazing Chunky Monkey Beaded Jewelry!!!!  (An outfit, for the purpose of this giveaway, will consist of a top & bottom set that coordinates or a dress.  Necklaces will not be made to match a lone pair of shorts or a lone shirt.)

(This is a sample photo.)

*A matching 4” or 5” bow to coordinate with EACH outfit in the wardrobe from the fabulous Darlin’ Divas!!!  (An outfit, for the purpose of this giveaway, will consist of a top & bottom set that coordinates or a dress.  Bows will not be made to match a lone pair of shorts or a lone shirt.)

(This is a sample photo.)

*A darling “Baby Clothes Quilt” out of your child’s outgrown clothing from the talented Beth at The Quilted Butterfly!!!!  (If you can’t bear to part with your child’s clothes or have not saved them, Beth has some cute chevrons and polka dots on back up.)  ;)

(This is a sample photo.)

*A unique, custom built quilt rack from reclaimed pallet lumber from the inspiring Woodbury Creek!!!  (Winner may choose paint color and if they would like their child’s name painted on it as well.)

(This is a sample photo.  And another look at the Baby Clothes Quilt from The Quilted Butterfly!  LOL!)

WOW!!!  This is one INCREDIBLE prize!!!  I think it’s TOTALLY worth singing in a crowded restaurant or selling a kidney on the black market!  ;)  Don’t you??   (Total estimated retail value....over $1000!!!!  Remember, it depends on YOU!)  But alas…..I am only asking you to send a few friends our way.  ;)
Make sure you come back May 1st to get all the details on how to enter and more importantly how to increase your chances to WIN!!!!!

Big, BIG HINT:  Make SURE you have selected to "Show in News Feed" all posts by LillyBelle's Closet!  You are not going to want to miss a single one!!  ;)


  1. Well just discovered your site, wish I could have entered into the summer giveaway,I Love your clothing for little girls,I could never afford them,but I think my grandbaby would look so cute in them.she is six and loves to. Dress do Beautiful, work

    1. I just discovered I can enter,I would dress my granbabies in your clothes 365 day of the year and then some,Also there will be a banner in my little country shop about Lilybelles. Clothing,I would sell them for you too. You see my granddaughter is named lily too! Everything in my little shop is hand made with Love. I cant be doing no tatooing

    2. Thank you for your lovely compliments! It's not too late to enter the giveaway tho! :) Just go here:

  2. Love your clothes. always have and always will! I will continue to order from you until Maddi is too big!!! Excited for the giveaway