Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Big Summer of 2013 Wardrobe Giveaway!!!!

It's here!  It's here!  It's FINALLY here!!!
Time for you to start earning your chances to win a HUGE Grand Prize Package!!!
(For background info and more details, please see 

"Wardrobe Giveaway....THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!")

Once again, here is what the Grand Prize consists of:

*A complete wardrobe from LillyBelle’s Closet!!!!  (How many and which outfits will be determined throughout the course of the giveaway period by popular vote.)  (There is only one *catch*…..  I (Jill of LillyBelle’s Closet) get to choose the fabrics.  The winner will be given the opportunity to tell me likes, dislikes and preferences and I will use that information to select the perfect fabrics for the outfits chosen and the lucky little girl receiving them.)

*A matching beaded chunky necklace to coordinate with EACH outfit in the wardrobe from the amazing Chunky Monkey Beaded Jewelry!!!!  (An outfit, for the purpose of this giveaway, will consist of a top & bottom set that coordinates or a dress.  Necklaces will not be made to match a lone pair of shorts or a lone shirt.)

(This is a sample photo.)

*A matching 4” or 5” bow to coordinate with EACH outfit in the wardrobe from the fabulous Darlin’ Divas!!!  (An outfit, for the purpose of this giveaway, will consist of a top & bottom set that coordinates or a dress.  Bows will not be made to match a lone pair of shorts or a lone shirt.)

(This is a sample photo.)

*A darling “Baby Clothes Quilt” out of your child’s outgrown clothing from the talented Beth at The Quilted Butterfly!!!!  (If you can’t bear to part with your child’s clothes or have not saved them, Beth has some cute chevrons and polka dots on back up.)  ;)

(This is a sample photo.)

*A unique, custom built quilt rack from reclaimed pallet lumber from the inspiring Woodbury Creek!!!  (Winner may choose paint color and if they would like their child’s name painted on it as well.)

(This is a sample photo.  And another look at the Baby Clothes Quilt from The Quilted Butterfly!  LOL!)

And here is how it's gonna be done.....

I would like you to ask, share, beg, plead, scream and yell.....whatever you have to do and whatever you WANT to do (If it's illegal, don't tell me.  LOL) to get your friends to come enter the giveaway.  It is IMPERATIVE that in the box asking "Who sent you?" that they enter YOUR name as it is shown on FB.  The more people that enter your name in that box....the more entries you have in the drawing!  Make flyers and drop them off at local day cares, hang a banner from your house, paint the rear window on your car, hire a sky writer!  LOL!  Do whatever you can to get as many people as possible to come enter and put YOUR name in that box!!!  Once they have entered, of course, they are more than welcome to send friends to come enter their names and so on and so forth....
trickle down effect.  ;)

Rafflecopter will be used to collect the keep it simple for you and to keep it organized for me.  HOWEVER, I will not be using Rafflecopter to choose the winner.  It won't be possible with the way this giveaway is organized.  (Rafflecopter chooses randomly from all entry fields.) The only entry field that is going to count in this giveaway is the one where your friends have entered your name.  Rafflecopter generates a spreadsheet for me showing me all the entries along with the info necessary to verify that entry.  Once the giveaway period is over, I will print that spreadsheet out.  Each individual person will be assigned a number.  For example....."Sara Smith" will be assigned the number 23.  If "Sara's" name is listed on the spreadsheet 104 times.......there will be 104 number 23's put into the drawing.  Hubby and I are going to be creating a grid sheet to place the numbers into and print off to ensure EVERY SINGLE number is on a piece of paper EXACTLY the same size as all the others (probably 1"x1" squares).  Then ALL those little squares with numbers on them will be put together in a bag, box, etc and mixed up.  Miss Lilly will be our "Vanna" and get to pull the number choosing the winner.
(I may video record the process....maybe.)

How are you going to determine what outfits make up the wardrobe??  This is where it gets really fun!!  You are going to WANT to make SURE you have the "show in new's feed" option checked for LillyBelle's Closet on FB.  You won't want to miss a single post!

I will post a starting fan count here on the blog sometime Tuesday, April 30th.  Once my fan count increases by 250 fans, I will post a status update on the Facebook page.  THIS is where you will determine WHAT and HOW MUCH is in the wardrobe.  The status I post (on the FB page) will be where you will vote!  You may vote one of two ways:  "Keep Going!" (I will explain this in a bit) -or- you may vote an item from the Tier One Level (i.e. "Apron Top").  I will leave the voting open for 24 hours.  At the end of that time I will go with the majority and either enter the piece with the most votes into the wardrobe "Closet" and start the count back over again or continue the count to 500. 

Voting to "Keep Going" means that I will continue to watch the fan count increase and then once it hits 500 new fans (from the starting count or previous re-start) I will again post a status asking you to vote.  You can vote "Keep Going" (to the 750 or Tier Three Level) -or- you may vote an item from the Tier Two Level (i.e. Double Ruffle Knot Top).  Once the 24 hour voting period is over I will either add the piece with the majority vote to the "Closet" and start the count over or continue the count to 750.  750 is the highest, Tier Three Level, and will consist of the highest priced items in the wardrobe (i.e. Peek A Boo Ruffle Dress).  After 750, the count will start back at 0 and we will work our way back to 250 again and start the whole process over again!  This will go on for one month and throughout that month you have the opportunity to add a new piece to the wardrobe at every 250, 500 or 750 new fans depending on the pieces you want the wardrobe to consist of and majority vote.  Clear as mud???  LOL!  SEE why you want to make SURE you choose the "show in news feed" option????  You do not want to miss out on your chance to make your vote heard!  YOU may be the one who wins this wardrobe and you want to make sure it includes the outfits YOU want to have, right???

And for those of you who pictures work better for than a novel full of confusing instructions (like, my wonderful hubs has created the following diagram for you:

The Tiers are explained HERE.  Each piece is a link to the listing or photo of that item.  I will also be posting the wardrobe "Closet" on the same page and updating it throughout the giveaway period with the pieces as they are voted in.  :) start the "Closet" off....I'm going to go ahead an put in a pair of Bubble Shorts!!!  Yay!  One piece already in the wardrobe!!!

Starting Fan Count:  2,674  - Goal for next voting level:  3,424
(These numbers will be updated at each voting level reached.) 
Make sure you are keeping an eye on the LBC page for voting!  You definitely don't want to miss out on the chance to make your vote count!
This might be YOUR little girls wardrobe!!!

And now all the legal mumbo jumbo....

*You may send as many REAL people to enter the giveaway as you possibly can using any way you can think to get them to come enter. :) HOWEVER, I will be monitoring the entries closely and anyone found to be creating fake FB profiles for the purpose of entering will be immediately disqualified from the giveaway and banned from all future LBC giveaways.

*This giveaway IS open to our international friends.  However, if an international fan is selected as the Grand Prize winner, they will be responsible for all shipping costs.

*You may only vote ONCE per EACH voting period.

*Once the winner is chosen and the wardrobe is made...  Chunky Monkey and Darlin' Divas will be shipping the necklaces and bows directly to me.  I will be having photos taken of the completed outfit sets (possibly modeled) and then once the photos are taken I will ship the complete prize package to the winner.  (With the exception of the quilt.  The winner will have to be in contact with Beth of The Quilted Butterfly regarding sending her the baby clothes, etc.)

*"Liking" all 5 shops that are contributing to the prize page's is MANDATORY.  It is in extremely poor taste and just plain rude to "like" a page solely for the purpose of winning something for free and then "un-liking" once the contest is over.  You never know....just because you don't need a hair bow or necklace NOW doesn't mean that shop won't post something in the future you might be interested in.  :)

*Please remember, this giveaway is for a GIRLS wardrobe.  There are no boy items in the prize tiers to choose from and exceptions will not be made.

*Most importantly.....HAVE FUN and PLAY NICE!!!  Any rude, hateful, hurtful, etc comments (or spam) made on this blog, ANY of the shop's FB pages or to another entrant will result in the offender being immediately disqualified from this giveaway as well as all future LBC contest and giveaways.

*If you have any questions or comments about how to enter, how this contest is being run, the rules, etc. please contact me PRIOR to entering by sending me an email.

And is your Rafflecopter entry form!!!
*****One last is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you enter the name of the person who sent you EXACTLY as it is shown on FB in the box asking "Who sent you?"*****

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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